May 11 2021

Celebrating new arrivals at Langley Vale Wood

Back in March last year, our volunteer bird monitoring team at Langley Vale Wood put up special nest boxes for kestrels, little owls, tawny owls and barn owls, thanks to a donation-in-kind from our friends at the RSPB’s Epsom Branch. All of these species had been seen and heard around Langley Vale Wood so we hoped the new nest boxes would encourage breeding on site.

Barn Owl Chicks at Langley Vale Wood in 2020.

You may have read, to our absolute delight, that a pair of Barn Owls took up residence immediately and successfully breed and reared two chicks.


Tawny Owls breed early in the year, so the installation of the boxes was too late for occupation in 2020, however they soon found their new purpose built home and used the box as a roost during the winter months.   The box was surveyed in April this year with a thermal camera and a heat signature indicative in size to an owl was found.

Tawny Owl Chicks at Langley Vale Wood. Photo credit: Karl D. Tarratt

Volunteers returned at the end of the month to survey again and were delighted to find an adult and two very healthy owlets, all were successfully ringed by Karl D. Tarratt a licensed BTO Bird Ringer.

Tawny Owl at Langley Vale Wood. Photo credit Karl D. Tarratt


Thank you to our dedicated volunteers and local supporters for working collaboratively to support conservation efforts at Langley Vale Wood.  It is truly delightful to witness such positive results.


Article written by Lucy Shea, based on words supplied by Karl D. Tarratt.

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