May 06 2021

Wonderful wardens and the work that they do

Our wardens are an amazing team who are constant eyes and ears on the ground for Site Managers, who can’t be everywhere at the same time! They have a busy and varied role and full of challenges and successes, as you will see from this update from Nicola in the South East. It really is volunteering in the local community, being an ambassador for the Woodland Trust, and is so appreciated!


‘There have been several fire sites in different places this week to report and I have also been keeping an eye on badger setts (one was near an older one but there were new ones this spring). I don’t think anyone knows what goes on at night yet and I hope to set up my wildlife camera soon.


I met a local resident who showed me where there is a red kite nest and he was also keen to help with the number of fires. He suggested I leave a gallon of water around for him to grab (not feasible at the moment) on his late night walk. Because he hasn’t noted anything at night, they may be early morning fires. Fires that we have cleared are back the next morning unfortunately, so believe this indicates someone perhaps sleeping out there. 

Fire at Barley Mow Wood

We also had an armed  police incident Wednesday at the nearby park which was on social media. (a rare event in the 24 years I’ve lived here). It turned out there was brawling with weapons. I’m looking forward to the personal safety course in the coming weeks’. 


Thank you to all of our volunteers for all that you do. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all at an event soon.


Words: Nicola Stone, Volunteer Warden for Barley Mow Wood and Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer (SE)

Pictures: Nicola Stone

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