Litter pick at Castle Hill Wood
May 04 2021

Back to Castle Hill Wood

On 21st April we re-started our volunteer work at Castle Hill and Four Lane Ends Woods in County Durham.

For the first time since February 2020, volunteers were able to work in Castle Hill and Four Lane Ends Woods in North West Durham. As the ground cover had not really started we were able to have a morning session completing a deep clean in Castle Hill Wood.

Litter picking at Castle Hill Wood

The volunteer session started with a Covid related talk, first aid briefing and a talk through the tasks planned for the day and each volunteer was allocated their tools for the day.

Castle Hill Wood volunteers

The team enjoyed the cool but clear weather during the morning session. Lunch was a chance to catch-up between the volunteers while being socially distant with the water and cleaning products available.

Sunny morning at Castle Hill Wood The afternoon session focussed on straightening stakes and tubes at the adjacent Four Lane Ends Wood. These trees were noted as having grown well over 1m in the last year, some varieties having grown even more.

It certainly was good to be back in the woods again, the team are looking forward to visiting another of our ‘new woods’ in the May session.


Report by:

Alan Wallace

Volunteer Leader – Castle Hill and Derwenthead Woods.







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