Apr 29 2021

Getting Muddy at Skipton Castle Woods

Volunteers at Skipton were really pleased to finally get back out in the woods again last week

The photo shows our muddy (and very smelly) clearing of the mill race! This is the  first activity we have undertaken in several months. We took advantage of the water level in the race being very low to get in and clear out the accumulated debris and stones that have collected over the years.  Although the water level was low, the depth of mud wasn’t – the photo is at one of the shallow bits – and numerous times it got very close to going over the top. It was also soft and cloying so more than once foot out and welly in mud was the order of the day, I have the muddy, wet socks to prove it!   The only thing masking the foetid smell of the mud was the wild garlic which grows in profusion and is in season at the moment and will flower in a couple of weeks time.

We had the satisfaction of a job well done and the enjoyment of finally undertaking some hands on practical work in the woods once more.

Left to Right in the photo – Claire, Dave, Steve and Andy.


Nigel Pepper – Craven District Sites Group Leader

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