A working group steps out at Clamp Rough and Gallows Grove

Clamp Rough and Gallows Grove Wood was acquired by The Woodland Trust in 1993 and covers eight hectares of ancient woodland made up of birch canopy with some oak, chestnut, field maple, rowan, wild cherry and holly in places. There is also mature oak over hazel, holly and other native species. Other canopy species include crab apple, ash and lime.


Historically, volunteer groups have played an important part in the Trust’s management of these woods – particularly with the removal of rhododendron and other alien species and with the planting and protection of young oaks. However, until recently, there hadn’t been much of an active task force involved (and not just because of COVID!). The team were chomping at the bit to get stuck in!



It was therefore wonderful news when Site Manager, Kate Harvey, worked with volunteers to start up a group once more and here they are at their last work party, just before Kate left the Trust for pastures new. We will make sure that we keep the momentum going when Kate’s replacement is found and thanks to everyone who has given their time and shown an interest in joining the group too!


It goes without saying that all of the region’s volunteers are worth their weight in chocolate buttons! We thank you all so much.


Words: Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer (SE)

Pictures: Kate Harvey, former Site Manager (SE)

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