Mar 18 2021

Owls well that ends well

Sometimes you don’t need to look too hard for wildlife, sometimes it comes to you! 


Woodland Warden Ian Retson had an unexpected encounter with a barn owl at Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood recently. One late Saturday afternoon, as dusk was falling Ian was in the bird hide having a look to see what was about. He was treated to a marvelous spectacle – a barn owl hunting near the lakeWhilst looking for food the owl was mobbed by a crow, which was trying to drive the owl away from the area.  



Looking for a place to escape the barn owl cleverly ducked through the open door of the bird hide, coming face to face with Ian. We don’t usually get birds hiding in bird hides, perhaps that’s what the term ‘bird hide’ really means! Ian kept his distance but could see that the owl was having some difficulty getting out of the hide, so he opened the window to aid the owls escape. It sadly left its supper behind but I am sure it found more prey that evening and wouldn’t have gone hungry.  


Thanks Ian for telling us about your close encounter, a magical wildlife experience indeed! 


Thats owl for now!


Amanda Brookes: Volunteering Development Officer for Central England


Photo credit Ian Retson

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