During lockdown, life goes on…

As we all know, nature often finds a way and while we may have found the last twelve months difficult, we have no doubt also taken comfort in the fact that the wildlife we stand up for is always there. With this in mind, our individual wildlife monitors and wardens have been instrumental in continuing to carry the baton for the volunteering team and bringing news of great wildlife spots in their local area (the wardens helping to protect the habitat). Tim Hewke is someone who supports the Trust in both roles and has spent large amounts of time to gather some fantastic footage and photos over the past year and beyond. He has kindly shared them with us so hope you enjoy – some of the creatures of Longbeech Wood, Kent…




If you have any photographs or videos to share of animals/ birds that you have captured during lockdown, please let us know at SEVolunteering@woodlandtrust.org.uk 


Videos – Tim Hewke, Volunteer Warden and Wildlife Monitor

Words – Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer, South East

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