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Jan 11 2021

Our woods are still very busy!

Our woods are still very busy – despite heavy January snowfall in County Durham

During the various tiers and stages of lockdown and Covid restrictions throughout 2020 and now into 2021 we have seen a large number of local residents taking good advantage of the maintained footpaths in our four Woodland Trust Woods located near Castleside in North West County Durham. We saw many references to our woods from families, walkers and local photographers on community social media forums, often uploading great images of local wildlife and commenting on the views and lovely walks ‘on their doorstep’. The woods involved are Castle Hill Wood and the three more recently planted Derwenthead Woods called Four Lane Ends, Bale Hill and Dene Burn.

Castle Hill Wood in the snow

Castle Hill Wood in the snow.

Northern footpath in snow.

Castle Hill Wood footpaths.

Since about 24th December 2020 we have had regular snowfall in this area, the latest being about 36 hours before taking these photographs on 9th January 2021.

Bale Hill footpath in the snow.

Bale Hill Wood footpath in the snow.


Bale Hill Wood in the snow.

Bale Hill Wood in the snow.

You can see from the footprints in most of these photographs that these woods are very well used. Their use in the summer was less easy to record, but as during 2020, we hope that locals and when appropriate visitors from outside this lovely area, keep using our footpaths and can see how fast the young trees in the three Derwenthead Woods, planted in winter 2015/ 2016, are growing.

Four Lane Ends Wood in the snow

Four Lane Ends Wood footpaths.

Dean Burn Wood in the snow.

Dene Burn Wood in the snow.

Four Lane Ends Wood in the snow

Four Lane Ends Wood in the snow.



Please note:

These photographs and site visits are Covid compliant as the woods are all within about a 1 mile walk from my home and have been visited as part of my role as a Volunteer Relief Woodland Warden.

Article from Alan Wallace.

Volunteer Relief Woodland Warden

Castle Hill and Derwenthead Woods


  • DavidMason

    Well done Alan! Some great woodland shots

    January 11, 2021 at 2:28 pm
  • Alan Wallace

    Thanks David, I appreciate the feedback.

    January 16, 2021 at 5:31 pm
  • PaulLittlewood

    Great photos of a lovely wood

    February 10, 2021 at 12:03 pm
  • David Papadopoulos

    Greetings from ten miles east! Just seeing this 3 months later, not having been on Whittle much due to the cyberattack and lockdown hiatus. I suppose you’re seeing more foot traffic now, as the weather has improved dramatically! One of these days I’ll make may way over as well. Meanwhile, keep an eye open for an article about Community Woods in Durham, perhaps with a focus on Waterhouses Wood.

    April 26, 2021 at 4:38 pm

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