Dec 31 2020

Scotland Festive Quiz – the answers!

Hello Woodland Trust Scotland Volunteers!


I hope that you have all had a peaceful, relaxing Christmas and that your plans weren’t too thwarted by pesky Covid.  Hopefully too you’ve been able to get out in nature and to soak up all the benefits to wellbeing that green spaces bring, as well as soaking up all that sherry you may have consumed!


So, if you have a moment amongst all the seasonal busyness, here are the answers to the Festive 12 Days of Christmas quiz posted earlier in the season.


  1. Which partridge species is native to the UK?
    The Grey Partridge
  2. How many turtle doves are there in the Twelve Days of Christmas song?
  3. In the traditional song, what do the 3 French hens represent?
    Faith, hope and charity – the theological virtues
  4. What common garden bird does ‘four calling birds’ refer to in the original twelve days of Christmas?
    The black bird, which used to be known as the “colly bird”, meaning black as coal
  5. Name a British bird species that has the word ring in its name
    Ring ouzel and ringed plover and little ringed plover
  6. Name 3 species of geese that overwinter in the UK
    Brent, white-fronted, pink-footed, barnacle, greylag, Canada, taiga bean goose, tundra bean goose and Egyptian geese
  7. Which is the most common species of swan in the UK?
    The mute swan
  8. What is the Latin name of the early spring flower that is also known as milk maid in some parts of the UK?
    Cardamine pratensis is the Latin name.  In Scotland it is more commonly known as Cuckoo Flower or Lady’s Smock.
  9. How many species of wild flower can you name with the word Lady in the common name?
    Lady’s Smock, Lords and Ladies, Lady’s Bedstraw, Creeping Ladies’ tresses
  10. Name a wild flower with ‘Lord’ in its common name.
    Lords and Ladies, or Arum maculatum
  11. How many British wild birds have the word pipe in their name?
    Six: the common sandpiper, curlew sandpiper, green sandpiper, pectoral sandpiper, purple sandpiper and the wood sandpiper
  12. Which British wild bird is known for its drumming display call?
    The snipe


Take care all and I wish you all a wonderful Hogmanay, and all the very best for 2021.


Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteer Development Officer

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