Dec 14 2020

Christmas Quiz!

Here’s a little something to help get in the festive spirit, try your hand at our Christmas ‘Twelve Days of Christmas Quiz’!

Answers will be posted on 31st December, watch this space!

  1. How many turtle doves are there in the Twelve Days of Christmas song?
  2. Which partridge species is native to the UK?
  3. Name 3 species of geese that overwinter in the UK
  4. Name a British bird species that has the word ring in its name
  5. Name a species of wild flower that has “ladies/lady” in its common name
  6. Which is the most common species of swan in the UK?
  7. Name a wild flower with ‘Lord’ in its common name.
  8. Which British wild bird is known for its drumming display call?
  9. Who is awakened at precisely 9:30AM every day by her personal piper?
  10. What common garden bird does ‘four calling birds’ refer to in the original twelve days of Christmas?
  11. In the traditional song, what do the 3 french hens represent?
  12. What is the latin name of the early spring flower that is also known as milk maid?

Claire Green- Volunteer Development Officer, North England

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