Dec 11 2020

Holly thinning in the Nidd Gorge

Since the beginning of November Practical Conservation Volunteering has returned to the Nidd Gorge.


A team of up to 6 Woodland Trust volunteers, operating 2 mornings a week in a COVID safe way,  has been tackling invasive holly thickets on the banks of the Nidd where it flows through steep wooded slopes between Harrogate and Knaresborough.

This has liberated hazel and beech struggling for survival beneath the over-topping holly.

In addition to managing the holly, volunteers have deployed to tackle such tasks such as gathering up a large number of old used plastic tree tubes for removal from the site. Volunteer Nidd Gorge relief wardens and many visiting members of the public continue to take it upon themselves to help keep the site tidy of litter (and the odd abandoned tent and bbq).

It was heartening to see many “old hands” report back for duty, plus we welcomed new volunteers who have signed up in the interim.  Hopefully everyone who wanted to come out with us has been able to and the solid volunteer base that has been building up over the last few years will move us forward into 2021.

Charlotte Fox – Volunteer Group Leader, Nidd Gorge North Bank Group

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