Nov 19 2020

Big Climate Fightback… whats happened so far

The news in the last few weeks has been a bit grim for us all. So here’s an update we hope will help cheer you up…


The Big Climate Fightback has been up and running since mid October and it’s beginning to have an impact. The campaign has


  • generated loads of media attention – 100+ press, TV and radio items reaching more than 30 million people


  • inspired celebrities and social media influencers to share their support – including actress Bella Ramsey who had this to say to her 36K twitter followers 


  • seen our corporate partners People’s Postcode Lottery, Lloyds Banking Group and Sainsbury’s speak up in support – the lovely folks at Innocent even purchased 8000 trees to give away to staff and customers too

If you’ve already joined in to support, thank you.  


It’s not too late to help out, we have campaigns running in each of the four countries and you can sign them all (The Welsh one is postcode specific)


Complete the campaign actions here


Don’t forget to share the campaign afterwards (click the big ‘facebook’ or ‘twitter’ button at the end of the campaign page.)


It takes just two minutes and will make a huge difference.


The changes we’re calling for in each country are not just ‘nice to do’. They are fundamental policies for increasing native tree cover across the UK, critical to our conservation outcomes and our climate.


#BigClimateFightback    #EveryTreeCounts


Thank you 

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