Nov 13 2020

Tree stock volunteers help with tree packs

Tree stock volunteers are helping to sort  and box 20,000 trees  for distribution to landowners within our Eastern Claylands treescape.


Covering large parts of Essex and Suffolk, the Woodland Trust is working at landscape scale across the Eastern Claylands to protect, plant and restore trees and woodlands, which face a variety of pressures including climate change and tree disease. More than half the trees in the Eastern Claylands are found outside of woodlands in hedgerows along roadsides and on farmland, and ash is the second most common species. Ash die back has been confirmed in every county across England and represents a significant threat to the ash trees of the Eastern Claylands. Combined with the effects of acute oak decline and pollution this might equate to a hugely worrying total of 2 million trees disappearing from the landscape of Essex and Suffolk over the next 10 to 15 years.



“Ash dieback is a real threat to our landscape. Although the impact might not be as big as predicted a few years ago, the signs of the disease are now everywhere across the landscape. Our tree packs give landowners the opportunity to pre-empt any losses which could occur in the countryside. Of course, trees also provide a whole host of other benefits such as improving climate change resilience and offering shade, shelter and habitat creation for wildlife” Edwin Van Ek, Outreach Advisor- Eastern Claylands.


The fully subsidised packs each contains 50 saplings, chosen from species carefully selected to best replace trees which will be lost to disease and strengthen the landscape against future threats (oak, hornbeam, field maple, wild cherry and crab apple). Volunteers will be working hard in February to sort the final 10,000 trees ready for distribution, with 600 landowners across the Eastern Claylands receiving treepacks in total.



Jenny Carpenter – Engagement and Communications Officer (Central England)


Feature Image by Judith Parry

Volunteer image by Edwin Van Ek – Outreach Advisor

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