Nov 09 2020

Faughan Valley Project update

A message from Project Officer Bronagh Gallagher…

I know I have said it already but once again I just want to thank you for your patience and for sticking with us as we try to navigate all that comes with the new way of working as a result of COVID. Despite COVID we still managed to get quite a lot of stuff done.

The Brackfield butterfly transect was carried out each week from about May/June onwards by volunteer Pam Hardeman and a few others helping her. We got the yearly daubenton bat survey done in Aug/Sept and we have managed to get a group of ‘river monitoring’ volunteers trained and set up to monitor the health of some of the streams in the Faughan catchment and the impacts of our leaky dams through our partnership with the Loughs Agency. We also got to run a few of our usual practical tasks including tree planting and leaky dam building. By the end of November 7 volunteers had undertaken the LANTRA accredited brushcutter/trimmer training.

As we look ahead into 2021 our focus is to continue to recruit volunteers, deliver a wide range of tasks and provide more accredited training.  From 2021 onwards we will be delivering training on breeding bird surveying, first aid, surveying veteran/ancient trees, guided walk leader training, wildflower surveying, chainsaw use and more.  Our group of volunteers in the Faughan will also be getting involved in ancient woodland restoration tasks and there will be some cross over with the schools/community grounds projects as well which will mean their work will be of real benefit to the local community.

I’ll look forward to seeing you all throughout 2021.

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