Nov 06 2020

National Volunteering Update

Dear Volunteers,


I hope you are well.


Over the last week we have been in consultation with the senior management team about activities across the estate, particularly with the new measures brought in across England on Thursday. In line with government guidelines we are not putting in place an overall hold on volunteering activity as we initially did in March.


As many of you will recognise volunteering outdoors in a woodland environment is inherently low risk, providing it is set up correctly. In most cases this can be done in a “COVID Secure” way subject to local restrictions. Some of the activities carried out by volunteers are very important to the operations of the Woodland Trust and therefore it is reasonable that they continue over the coming weeks. The decision on whether activities on our estate continue or not will be a decision taken by local estate staff, in a similar way national network managers will be making the decision for their volunteer’s activities. If you are in any doubt whether you should be continuing please contact your volunteer manager. As always we quite understand if you do not feel comfortable to continue in your role at present.


A letter of authority is attached to this article, this is for any volunteers that are continuing activity on our behalf and feel they may need something to explain this if approached by a member of the public.


I would like to thank you all for your support whether you are currently active or otherwise. The support you provide to us is integral to our successful work to protect, restore and create woodland across the UK.


All the best




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