Oct 22 2020

Speak up for trees #Bigclimatefightback

Speak up and join the Big Climate Fightback


Everyone can help plant trees. But only government can drive the nationwide change to plant and grow the millions of trees needed to fight climate change. If you want to join the fight, encourage your friends and family to join us too and demand action from those in charge now here is how you can do it. 


Add your voice to the call for government action


To truly fight back against climate change we need more than words from our leaders. We need action and trees. And we need them now. 


This is a critical moment. Our governments are finalising policies and laws that could dramatically increase tree cover across the UK. We’re adding our voice to the call for government in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to achieve the increase in native woods and trees that we need to fight climate change and if you would like to you can do too. 


Here’s how to get involved: 



Use your voice to ensure that Government pulls out all the stops when it comes to new woodland creation in England. 

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is the least wooded country in Europe. Call on the Government to deliver the increase in trees and woods we need. 

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The Climate Change Plan is in its final stages at the Scottish Parliament. Use your voice to call for an increase in the target for native tree cover. 

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A massive 82% of land in Wales is used for agriculture. Make a call to increase tree cover on farms. 

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We’d love to know if you get involved, either by signing and adding your voice or sharing the links on your social media. Every action counts during the Big Climate Fightback and beyond. Let us know how you are getting involved by commenting below or emailing us at volunteering@woodlandtrust.org.uk


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