Oct 19 2020

The big climate fightback is back… and we want you to get involved.

We all know 2020 has been a strange year for everyone. With the pause on so much volunteering which feels to have stretched on for far too long to the cancellation of our annual volunteer of the year awards, it’s affected us all.  But our connection with nature is stronger and deeper than ever and now is our time to turn things round for the environment.


The Big Climate Fightback 2019 was a massive success:


  •          277,000 people pledged to plant a tree on or around 30 November (Tree Charter Day)
  •          700,000 UK sourced and grown trees were given away across the UK
  •          30,000 trees were planted on our own Estate
  •          £000s unexpected donations flooded in thanks to UK-wide media coverage


In 2020 we’re keen to build on these achievements and go even bigger and we’d really like your help! Sadly this year the campaign format has to be different. Due to Covid, large-scale planting events just aren’t possible. More people are at home in front of computers but we know that many are more aware of their environment, especially their local greenspace.


Yet the threat we all face from climate change hasn’t gone away. The climate emergency still exists and trees remain our strongest warriors.  


Big Climate Fightback 2020 aims to create a mass movement of people taking a range of individual actions to help the Woodland Trust fight climate change. Put simply, we want as many people as possible to join our climate change army and as our volunteers you can help us lead this movement.


We’ve come up with a range of ways that you and the general public can join in from the comfort of your own homes:


Plant a tree:

  •         Plant a tree in your garden
  •          Apply for tree packs to plant with your school or community in 2021

Speak out:

  •          Speak up for trees by adding your voice to our campaign to boost native tree cover
  •          Share #BigClimateFightback on social media and encourage your followers to get involved


  •          Make a donation to the Woodland Trust so we can plant trees for you
  •          Get fundraising
  •          Help us lock up CO2 with a carbon donation


For the Woodland Trust this is the first time that time, voice and money actions have been integrated under the banner of climate change which as a National Volunteering Team is music to our ears!  We’re hoping it’ll generate tens of thousands of actions and we want to know what actions you and your family and friends take so we can really show people the value that volunteering brings to our organisation.


The Big Climate Fightback 2020 will feature in an article in September’s Broadleaf magazine, followed by a public launch on 19 October. This will include regional and national PR, posts by social influencers, paid-for social media and print and broadcast advertising – all of which will peak in November. We will not focus on a single day for planting or other activity, instead the campaign will roll over a 6 week period until end Nov 2020. A number of corporate and community partners are keen to be involved and players of People’s Postcode Lottery have already committed £114k to this year’s campaign.


We’ll be posting further updates of how you and your friends and family can get involved from planting trees in your garden to putting your voice to our critical campaigns or using our hastag #bigclimatefightback on your social media posts.


Please join us let us know what you have done however big or small so that we can really show the rest of the organisation the value that you our volunteers bring. We want to know about trees in the ground, social media posting, campaign signatures and everything else inbetween. Email us at volunteering@woodlandtrust.org.uk or comment below to let us know what you are doing. 


Because Every Tree Counts.




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