Oct 16 2020

Stand up for trees! The Big Climate Fightback 2020

 Last year we had huge groups of people out tree planting

This year we have an Agroforestry campaign for you to lend your voice to – read on to find out more.


Family Fun at the Big Climate Fightback Event










The Big Climate Fightback United the Nation

It was one amazing day!

Hundreds of thousands of you came together on 30 November 2019 to fight climate change by planting trees. This is what we achieved (UK figures):
277,000 Pledges made – Hundreds of thousands of you pledged to plant a tree in 2019 the fight against climate change.
700,000 Trees given away – We provided UK sourced and grown trees for planting across the UK.
30,000 Trees planted on our sites – Communities throughout the UK helped us plant trees in our new native woodlands.

Trees are our greatest weapon in the fight against the climate crisis. We need to act fast to reduce temperature increases. Trees and woodland vegetation lock up carbon through photosynthesis, reducing the amount of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. And trees do more than just capture carbon.
They also fight the cruel effects of a changing climate. They can help:


Prevent flooding, Reduce city temperature, Reduce pollution, Keep soil nutrient-rich



Big Climate Fightback 2020

This year masse planting events are hard to imagine…but there is still a way you can make a difference… through Agroforestry.

Agroforestry is the deliberate integration of trees and shrubs within agricultural crops and livestock on farms. Agroforestry can lead to more diverse, productive and sustainable harvests, and make a lasting impact on wildlife, the local economy and landscape.

As well as locking up carbon, trees deliver extra benefits when included on farmland:

Increase wildlife and biodiversity

Prevent soil loss and increase soil fertility

Enhance farm productivity and contribute to local employment

Improve animal welfare

Retain water on land for crops, livestock and people

Reduce flooding, water and air pollution


In Wales we are inviting people to email their Assembly Member asking them to help ensure that a new land use policy encourages more trees on farms.


You can add your voice here


View of farm and hedges from Coed Gwernafon, mid Wales

Farm track with hedges and trees at Brynau Farm, South Wales


Author: Martha Boalch, Volunteer Development Officer, Wales, with help from Nigel Pugh our Campaign Lead in Wales.

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