Tree Charter Day Festival 2020

As the weather changes, we can all look forward to the joys of Autumn – Halloween, Bonfire Night, and of course Tree Charter Day! Every year the Woodland Trust hosts a day of celebrations for woods and trees across the UK. Last year, we collectively planted 32,000 trees for Tree Charter day, but this year we thought we would try something that is accessible to everyone no matter where you live, and completely socially distanced.



This Tree Charter Day, join us for the biggest virtual celebration of woods and trees the UK has ever seen! We will be hosting an online festival at STREAM PARK, an interactive digital park, with live talks, workshops and activities for you to enjoy throughout the day.


The event will showcase artwork, short films and music created by Charter Branch groups over the past three years, and provide examples of how Charter Branch’s have been able to bring the Tree Charter Principles to life in their local communities. There will also be Zoom meet and greets for each region to help you connect with others and gain inspiration for what you could do for your community.


The event will take place on the 28th November 2020 @ 12:30pm and run throughout the afternoon till 6pm. If you can’t make the whole day, register now and we can send you the full program of activities closer to the day so you can pick and chose what you would like to attend.


Register here:

OR go to the Woodland Trust Events page and click Charter Events.

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