Oct 14 2020

Wildlife Records from Aveton Wood & Woodleigh Wood

A Big thank you to  Geoff Foale  who has shared  his Wildlife Records from Aveton Wood & Woodleigh Wood, by providing an extensive record of his findings, and some stunning photos too. This is what Geoff had to say, and some of his photos

Being over 70, I have had to be careful about the areas where I undertook my wildlife recording this year; so I restricted myself to some of those little known areas where few other people would be encountered.

That included parts of Aveton Wood, Loddiswell (SX729504) and Woodleigh Wood (SX732493). On the plus side, it did allow me to have a more detailed observation of these areas.

In Aveton Wood I discovered a couple of Little Thorn moths in exactly the same location where I found them last year. So that generates the question about whether we have a small breeding colony there.

They are a nationally scarce species principally known from localised parts of the the south east and an area surrounding Bristol. Two other small colonies have recently been discovered in Devon so they could become established in isolated parts of the county.

Moth – Little Thorn – Cepphis advenaria

Bilberry is known to be a food source for their larvae but it is thought that they may also feed on brambles and possibly wild roses or willow.

Another uncommon and very localised moth was Argolamprotes micella which is a rather distinctive micro moth that also feeds on bramble. Brambles are a very important plant for a great number of wildlife species.

Moth – Argolamprotes micella


Woundwort Shieldbugs have increased in Aveton Wood. They are an extremely attractive shieldbug and woundwort plants also make a worthwhile contribution to the overall mixture of plants. So this would be another item to be encouraged.

Woundwort Shieldbug – Eysarcoris venustissimus nymphs

Spiked Shieldbugs and Red-legged Shieldbugs appear to have been somewhat scarce this year but I did find some in Aveton and Woodleigh Woods.


Spiked Shieldbug – Picromerus bidens                        Red-legged Shieldbug – Pentatoma rufipes


The remarkable looking Dicranopalpus harvestman is still around in small numbers. Harvestmen in general seem to have done well this summer.


Harvestman – Dicranopalpus sp                        Harvestman – Leiobunum rotundum                Harvestman – Leiobunum rotundum                Harvestman – Phalangium opilio

Harvestman – Platybunus triangularis

Although I have made an effort with those species which I can identify there is so much other stuff in these areas which is beyond my capabilities. I have included a few of the more easily recognised beetles but there are a great many other beetles and weevils which I have had to ignore. The same goes for much of the bee and wasp species.

Weevil – Cionus hortulanus

I did manage to get the Devon Fly Group to have a quick look around parts of Aveton Wood some time ago and they added quite a lot of material which was beyond me but it was just one visit in September so a great many of such a wide range of insects were never encountered.


I had been encouraging them to have another look at the area in spring or early summer but obviously that idea has had to be shelved due to the current situation


Aveton Wood Loddiswell                                                                                            Woodleigh Wood


Geoff Foale

Thank you Geoff for all the records and photos

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