Oct 07 2020

A ghostly apparition at Longbeech Wood…

Not really! It’s a leucistic squirrel! Captured on film at Longbeech Wood in Kent by the fabulous Tim Hewke, Volunteer Wildlife Monitor and Warden extraordinaire, this pale beauty is certainly unusual. If you are not familiar with the term, leucism is caused by a mutated gene, which turns the squirrel’s skin white but leaves their eyes black, meaning they do not suffer with any of the eye problems albinos have.


Tim has since forwarded the record onto the Mammal Society and, in turn, it has reached the hands of a researcher in Sussex. Apparently there are just 150 of these little chaps or chappettes in the UK. Perhaps this figure is underestimated though – have you seen one?


Watch the video by clicking below and enjoy:


Leucistic squirrel at Longbeech


Words: Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer (SE)

Video: Tim Hewke, Volunteer Warden and Wildlife Monitor (Kent)


Thanks as always too to Claire Inglis, Assistant Site Manager, for her help.

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