Oct 02 2020

Time for the Fairy Migration

Earlier in the summer a group of fairies with little decorated houses started to appear at the beautiful Sea Wood in the North West. The numbers grew over the summer and their associated paraphernalia to the point of ‘littering’ the woodland (depending on your viewpoint) Rather than take the heavy hand and remove all the items at the same time and without warning we put up signage suggesting it was getting close to the time for the fairies to migrate somewhere warmer for the winter, stating if they hadn’t gone by early – September we would give them a helping hand! Thankfully this did the trick and the woodland is now free of fairies, wands  and fairy houses.  We have also been able to make contact with the original person who was inspired to create the enchanted scene, he helped remove them and will think twice hopefully about a repeat next summer!
More details from Heather Swift, Cumbria Site Manager
Article by Paul Bunton, Communication and Engagement Officer, North
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