Sep 25 2020

Volunteer Group Activity

Dear volunteers,

We have carried out a trial of group activity on our sites over the last couple of weeks, in a COVID safe environment. The results of this have been very positive and we are grateful to all those involved in supporting this.

From next week we will be opening up group activity again on some of our sites.

The caveat to this is obviously some areas are in local lockdown and due to restrictions in those cases and currently in Scotland this may still not be possible at all, please contact your volunteer manager or volunteering development officer for further information.

The decision whether group activity resumes is a local one, volunteer managers have been asked to keep in mind a number of factors before restarting activities. This includes consideration on areas such as social distancing, appropriate car parking or travel arrangements and the ability to disinfect kit before sharing if that can’t be avoided. Most of this is common sense for the environment we are currently functioning in.

Volunteer managers have been asked to only allow activities to go ahead that we would consider low risk for the time being. So the use of power tools or activities such as large felling is currently still on hold.

Detailed risk assessments and guidance will be shared by all volunteer managers before any activity recommences.

As for individual volunteering and volunteering in pairs this has been continuing in most areas throughout the summer, we have attached an updated risk assessment to this article.

The entire volunteering team is working hard to support the reintroduction of volunteering groups alongside the site managers, please do contact us if you need any assistance. This can be direct to your volunteering development officer or be emailing


All the best,

Paul Taylor

Volunteer Covid 19 Risk Assessment Sep 2020


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