Sep 07 2020

New feathered residents at Langley Vale Wood

Warning – fluffy chick photos!


Back in March, our volunteer bird monitoring team at Langley Vale Wood put up special nest boxes for kestrels, little owls, tawny owls and barn owls, thanks to a donation-in-kind from our friends at the RSPB’s Epsom Branch. All of these species had been seen and heard around Langley Vale Wood so we hoped the new nest boxes would encourage breeding on site.



We are thrilled to say that barn owls have moved in and successfully bred this year! Very soon after installing the barn owl box there was evidence of it being used. One of the volunteers is a qualified British Trust for Ornithology ringer, specialising in barn owls. By regularly monitoring the box he was able to ring the two chicks before they fledged. Aren’t they cute and fluffy! We’re also really pleased that young kestrels have also been seen this summer.


The open spaces at Langley Vale Wood provide a plentiful supply of bank voles and other prey, so we will be installing additional boxes in the hope that the barn owls will continue to breed here and numbers will increase.


Thanks to our wonderful volunteers at Langley Vale Wood for their hard work in installing and regularly checking the boxes.


Text supplied by Keith Lelliott, Woodland Working Group Leader at Langley Vale Wood


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