Location of our local wood
Aug 20 2020

Feedback about our local Woodland Trust wood!

During ‘lockdown’ we have seen a large number of new visitors to our woods, here is some feedback from the local community Facebook page.

From late March through to August 2020 we have seen a large number of new visitors exploring the Woodland Trust locations here in North West Durham. The wooded areas and footpaths have been well used by the local community and I would like to share some text copied from a local Facebook page referring to just one relatively small wood – Castle Hill Wood in County Durham. I’m sure these comments will have been echoed around the UK and can be taken as a big ‘Thank You’ to the staff and volunteers who maintain these areas.


9 August 20: –  13 and 16 Likes

  • Out and about around Castle hills woods
  • My favourite place. I live near so go in most days. On sunny days lots of butterflies.
  • Tonight’s walk- wood nuts are out
  • Beautiful
  • Can’t wait to do some wood nut picking with my dad in the next couple of months

25 July 20 – 11 likes

  • Hi I am new to the group thanks for adding me. Can anyone tell me what the story is regarding these bushes in Castle Hill wood?
  • They were planted up with the rest of the trees in 2000,
  • They are junipers, in the hope they prosper, junipers were under threat from disease however these are doing really well
  • Thanks…. couldn’t remember whether they were Juniper or Yew without going to have a look.
  • so that is their natural shape when I first saw them i thought they were part of someone’s garden but soon realised they were not.
  • amazing aren’t they, do take you by surprise when you come across them
  • So who will be the first to distill some Castleside Gin? With Castleside juniper berries? I’ll buy a bottle!!!
  • yes xxxx I was certainly amazed when I came across them
  • Lovely photos. I had my great grandson for a walk through Castlehills wood last Monday and also wondered why they had been planted in the wood. They do look healthy so hopefully will thrive for years to come!
  • Walk in this wood nearly every day as I live on the xxxxxxx estate. It’s gorgeous the way it’s changed each month through lockdown. It’s been a real lifesaver.
  • I walk through this woods several times a week and have often wondered about these junipers. Thanks for clearing that up.

26 June 20 – 13 likes

  • Castle Hill Wood looking lush this morning.
  • Love this place. I go most days. Wildflowers and trees gorgeous. Just saw a deer.

19 June 20 – 41 likes

  • My back garden backing on to Millenium Wood, first picture 2002 and second taken this morning, it’s weird but you don’t really notice the change when you see it everyday isn’t nature great
  • Where’s the millennium wood
  • Behind xxxxxxxx estate, where the haunted house we spoke about
  • it’s strange so much has changed in 21 years I remember planting on
  • Love this
  • That’s a big change. You don’t realise how quick they grow


Article from Alan Wallace

Volunteer Leader Castle Hill and Derwenthead Woods.

  • DavidRodway

    Great stuff Alan. I took some photos back in October 2019 and made a video of them. But it was a very different picture then! Quite alot of water around with several paths flooded and impassable withut wellies! And very muddy in places, too!!

    August 24, 2020 at 11:17 am
  • Richard Wilson

    Hopefully the drainage work will help keep the path near the ponds a bit less muddy!

    September 18, 2020 at 10:44 am

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