Aug 17 2020

Thank you to our Smithills team!

I would like to take an opportunity to say a huge thank you to our volunteer team at Smithills for responding so brilliantly to the changes in what we could do over the last five months. Some groups of volunteers have worked from home when we were in total lockdown, and as more activity has been able to resume on the Estate we’ve adapted our tasks to the (now slightly different) requirements of the Estate and project.

Our volunteer Wildlife Monitors have analyzed ten years’ worth of species data from Smithills Estate. This has given us some very valuable insights into what further monitoring we need to do, as well as into trends and patterns for key species on the Estate. Some of the Woodland Working Group have formed a Photography Group, who practiced their techniques photographing plants and wildlife in the garden and on local walks and are using their skills to put together an online exhibition of wildlife photos from Smithills. Others in our Woodland Working Group have signed up as Relief Wardens, patrolling the Estate, litter picking and reporting any anti-social behaviour. Some of our Wildlife Monitors also joined up as Relief Wardens and have helped our work, mapping the location of invasive species across the Estate and also, individually or in pairs, clearing Himalayan balsam. And, of course, our Wardens have been on site carrying out repairs, helping keep an eye on car parks, strimming, clearing old fencing and many other tasks.

A huge thank you to all or you for your resilience, flexibility and fantastic support.


Photos: Alan Booth photographing butterflies at Walker Fold. Lawrence Marsh and Alex Lidis on a rainy day at the car park. David Butterfield clearing Himalayan balsam.

Vicky Entwistle, Engaging Communities Manager, Smithills


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