Aug 14 2020

Share your Wildife Experiences

We have all experienced the last few months in so many different ways, but a resonating message that reappears over and over is just how much the year 2020 has been a time of reconnection and appreciation of the world around us.

From an appreciation of the small often unnoticed activity of wildlife, alive all about us that is so often drowned out or overlooked with the frantic rush of daily life; to, for some, the healing power of having the time to experience nature in all its beauty. From amazing wildlife encounters to exploring those paths on your doorstep that have never previously seen your footfall; we all have a story to tell from the last few months about our renewed experience of the world around us.

Living in the Lake District with two young children and the need to suddenly find some exciting  activities to entertain those long home schooling days, we took to exploring the valley next door, with the ambitious aim of completing the John Muir award! Having never walked to the valley from our doorstep before, we have now trodden every footpath, climbed every hill and swum and paddled in every stream!  We have recorded ancient trees, watched spring flowers transition to summer blooms, discovered hares, stoats, badgers and all sorts of fabulous wildlife we never knew was so close at hand.



So, we invite you to share your lockdown experiences with us; the wildlife you’ve seen, the encounters with nature you’ve experienced, long or short, we would love to hear them all!

Send a few words and a picture or two to me, and we will share your experiences and stories on Whittle

We look forward to hearing from you

Claire Green – Volunteer Development Officer, North


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