Aug 10 2020

Transformation for Wildlife at Clarence Wood

The Clarence transformation,  now in its 7th year, is well on track,  after being created to celebrate the Queens birthday.

The site historically has suffered abuse due to being treated as waste land but, after a major clean up and promoting the site as a woodland for quiet leisure, it has become the ‘go to’ place for a beautiful walk for Ferryhill and Spennymoor.  The community have supported the change plus helped give this site an identity, with visitors traveling from further afield to photograph the wildlife at the site.

Now the trees offer enough shelter, they are attracting more species of birds each season; the songs this spring were music to anyone looking to get some tranquility over lock down. The birds of prey were especially successful this year; owls, kestrel and buzzards all making appearances. The summer has been dominated by the bright wild flowers, being pollinating by many butterflies and bees, with lovely sunshine on many days.

Nature and wildlife are winning in this area and may it continue for many years to come. It’s a special place that many people have now discovered and enjoy each day.

Ian Tutty, Volunteer Warden, Clarence Wood

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