Aug 10 2020

A Clarence Wood Walk

Hidden in an open space that once was left forlorn

Go there now and you will find, a woodland has been born.

With well kept walkways to guide you around

Many wonders of nature here can be found.


A place for children where adventure is the key.

But Oh! How relaxing connecting with nature can be,

From wild flowers in abundance to bees and butterflies

Secret habitats of wildlife will be revealed, if you are wise.


Take time to look for pebbles, painted and hidden for you

A work of art so lovely, could you paint one too?

From Sunrise to sunset magnificent views far and wide

Are constantly transformed to fill us with pride.


You must see the changes the seasons can bring

Spring flowers and autumn leaves or snow covering.

But something is a mystery, spiders webs must be seen

All covered in a morning frost, how they shimmer and gleam.


You would not believe what the evening can bring

See the delicate moths as moonlight catches their wing

Believe it or not, there is a lot of activity around

Pause a moment and listen, can you hear the sound?


So please make a visit and admire the views

The seats are sat there waiting, whichever you choose

Don’t delay, get out there stay on the move

So calm and peaceful your health will improve


Pat – Clarence Wood

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