Jul 29 2020

Warm wishes from our Scotland Director

This is to all our dedicated volunteers across Scotland,


I wanted to say hello and to remind you that we haven’t forgotten about you all, nor about how much we value volunteering.


It sounds like a cliché but we really couldn’t do much of what we do without our volunteers and we would be lost without your support with our work. Please do hang in there and stay with us!


Some of you will have resumed your roles, but those of you who are part of Woodland Working Groups, or who carry our public facing roles like guided walk leaders or speakers, are still not able to recommence with volunteering. The National Volunteering Team is working hard behind the scenes, comparing best practice in these Covid-19 times with other charities, ensuring that all volunteering can be phased back in safely.


For those of you who have started volunteering again, but are feeling a bit rusty after the break, do contact your volunteer managers – they are there to help and inspire you to get going again.


If you’re not able to volunteer at the moment, I hope that, like many people across the country, you have been able to spend more time in nature and to take solace in the amazing sense of wellbeing that being in wild spaces brings.


If you have any general or Covid-19 related queries about volunteering, feel free to contact your Volunteer Manager at any time, or Matilda Scharsach, Volunteering Development Officer (matildascharsach@woodlandtrust.org.uk), who is now back with us after a period of furlough.


Sending you very warm wishes and hoping that you and your families are well.


I’ll leave you with a photo of me enjoying a happy moment on the swing at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood.



Carol Evans
Scotland Director

  • IanRiches

    So now I know who broke the swing!😂

    July 30, 2020 at 4:37 pm

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