Jun 29 2020

Opportunity TOMORROW! Join a virtual mass lobby

Take part on Tuesday 30th June and ask your MP for a green recovery.


This Tuesday coming (30th June) more than 10,000 people will hold virtual meetings with their Westminster MPs and you can join them.


Responding to Covid-19 has rightly been the priority over the last few months. However, the climate and nature crises have not gone away. We need to speak up and ask our MPs to ensure that the recovery from the health crisis addresses climate change and nature’s decline at the same time.


We’re working with our friends at The Climate Coalition to help give our our supporters a louder voice.


How to take part:


More than 130 MPs have confirmed a meeting time. You can see if your MP is one of them here.

If they already have a meeting you will need to email or call them to ask for the zoom link. You can find their details on the government’s website.

If they haven’t already confirmed a meeting you can find out how to book one with them here.

Join the zoom call with them on the day.

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Although the lobby is tomorrow lots of MP meetings are scheduled for later in the week. It’s your MPs job to represent you and you can ask to speak to them at any point in the year – it doesn’t have to be tomorrow. 


Not sure what to say?


As Woodland Trust volunteers you probably know a lot more than you think! But you don’t need to be an expert to show your MP how much you care. What’s important is that our MPs know that addressing the climate and nature emergency (with the help of trees) is a priority for the people they represent.


Read our blog to find out what the Woodland Trust thinks a green recovery looks like.


Read the Climate Coalition briefing to find out about the key asks of the lobby.


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What else is happening?


Throughout the day you’ll be able to find drop into the Lobby Mainstage – a central rallying point packed with Q&As and information sessions and a place to meet some of the other people taking part – all on zoom! Sign up here.


If you have any questions please email Naomi in the Campaigns team.



  • JamesLow

    I am just wondering how many volunteers you had hoped to reach about this event with a day’s notice? Might it not have been better to email volunteers? I think the Trust really needs to review how it communicates with volunteers and members compared with other conservation bodies.

    June 30, 2020 at 7:20 pm
    • Naomi Tilley

      Hi James, you are absolutely right that one day’s notice is not enough, and I am truly sorry we didn’t get this on whittle sooner. We did share the same information via email to individuals who are opted into campaigning information and in the general Woodland Trust e-news. I appreciate that not all our wonderful volunteers will have received those, though.

      In this particular case, the virtual lobby was developed very last minute and became an event in record time so we didn’t coincide with any other email communications that had been scheduled to send to our supporters. In normal times we have much more warning!

      As you know, many staff have been furloughed through this difficult time and as a result we haven’t been quite as on top of everything as we might usually be, which is why I only managed to post to Whittle so late in the day.

      Fortunately it’s not too late to take part or to contact your MP. There is a full recording of the lobby mainstage with lots of Q&As and celebrity appearances available here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=286297372571653

      You MP may have organised the meeting with other constituents to be later in the week (my MP is meeting me next Monday!) and they are always (even when there isn’t a mass lobby) meant to be available to listen to their constituents, so please do get in touch with them.

      Once again, I am very sorry that you didn’t get this information sooner, and want to thank you for being so passionate about supporting our work.

      Very best wishes,
      Lead Campaigner for Policy & Engagement

      July 1, 2020 at 12:51 pm

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