Jun 26 2020

Trust headlines this week…

We responded to the launch of the Government’s Tree Strategy, working with our contact at Press Association who syndicated a statement from Darren across national and regional media.



We joined other NGOs to call for a new nature service to aid a green recovery. The story was picked up widely including in The Guardian.



Occasionally we get negative press. We work with the journalist concerned to limit that and explain our position fully and frankly but sometimes it’s to no avail. That happened in the last couple of weeks with George Monbiot who took exception to Nature’s Arc, our joint campaign with the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts against the Oxford to Cambridge Growth Arc. He took our principles for green development to mean we were in favour of the housing and infrastructure being planned. However we also got positive coverage for it locally and in specialist tiles such as The Planner and Politics Home, and negative press can sometimes be a good catalyst for getting a conversation going with the right people so we have to be pragmatic about these things.




Our Summit to Sea rewilding project in Wales has also had negative press in the past but the recent relaunch with the RSPB coming on board has been heralded in the regional press as a fresh start. Rory Francis has been banging the drum for us on this one with the papers and we’re definitely seeing the tide turn in terms of media tone.



Yesterday in Northern Ireland we ran a virtual workshop with the local farming community to promote trees on farms. These were promoted in advance and got some good column inches. Also in Northern Ireland, a farmer we’ve been working with to improve water quality has been featured in the media  which we hope will lead to others getting in touch to see what we can do for them



Credenhill Park Wood was listed as a top 20 open space to visit in the West Midlands this week. The piece below is one of around a dozen across the region.



Our web content is often cited, quite rightly, as expert knowledge on an issue or species. This week the UK’s largest moth, the Privet Moth, has been spotted in the South West which has led to a flurry of coverage using our information about it. This is typical of the pieces we’ve seen.



This is just a taster of the coverage we’ve secured for the Trust. Over the last two weeks we’ve had 156 news articles reaching a fantastic 32m people. And as things start to return to some semblance of normality we will only see that number increase so if you have a story to tell please get in touch.

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