Jun 19 2020

Lockdown at Londonthorpe

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us all hard but one of the really positive things that has come out of it is that many more people are getting out into nature. At Londonthorpe Woods in Grantham we’ve been keeping track of visitor numbers as part of our ‘Reconnecting Grantham to its Historic Landscape’ project. It turns out that user numbers have sky-rocketed in April and May 2020 compared to the same time last year. Across the site as a whole numbers have almost doubled! 

The closure of the Londonthorpe car park has encouraged people to access the site on foot making use of the many other entrances to the site. This is good news all round – fewer cars on the road means fewer emissions; it’s good for the environment as the impact of visitors is spread out over the whole site and not concentrated in one area; and it’s good for local people who are discovering this green gem right on their doorstep.


We’ve also seen more families making use of the site as evidenced by the ‘super-den’ we discovered on a recent visit. A three roomed villa complete with perimeter fence and an invitation to join the fun! What an excellent way for families to connect during lockdown.



Heather Cook, Project Development Officer – Londonthorpe
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