Dene Burn
May 14 2020

Spring 2020 – young trees doing well in North West Durham!

This is a short ‘spring update’ from North West Durham. In this time of lockdown and restricted movement, may I share an update on the progress of four Woodland Trust Woods.

Our last volunteers session with the Castle Hill and Derwenthead woods group was back in mid-February 2020 as the instruction to suspend group activities was received just prior to our March event. As most members of our volunteer group live outside the local area, traveling from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear as well as from County Durham, I would like to post this as an update on how good our woods are performing this spring and that thanks to your efforts last summer securing the tubes around the trees planted in 2016, the young trees are growing very well at Dene Burn, Bale Hill and Four Lane Ends Woods.

Castle Hill Wood

Walkers using Castle Hill Wood.

The woodland maintenance work completed over the winter in Castle Hill Wood is also being appreciated by the increased number of walkers from the nearby residential areas.

Castle Hill Wood.

Three of our four woods are near residential areas and it is obvious that the Woodland Trust woods at Castle Hill and Four Lane Ends for example, are popular with families and dog walkers taking their daily exercise. The choice of maintained tracks within these woods appear to give the visitors ‘social distancing’ opportunities while enjoying the outdoors and great views.

Dene Burn Wood Bale Hill Wood

At Castle Hill Wood, the Hazel coppiced 2 to 3 years ago is growing straight – proof that our deer protection barriers worked.

Hazel at Castle Hill Wood     Four Lane Ends wood Dene Burn Wood

Keep safe and let’s hope all volunteers can get back working in ‘our’ woods as soon as it is safe to do so.


These woods are all within about 1 mile from my home, so comfortably within the ‘daily exercise’ rules.

Report by Alan Wallace, Volunteer Leader, Derwenthead and Castle Hill Woods.



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