May 06 2020

Winter into spring: the hidden side of trees

I hope all WT staff and volunteers are well and getting through these strange times, and that nature is helping. One of the things on my mind these last few weeks has been what I am missing – many of my special places are beyond daily exercise distance and I do miss them. And April is such a special month of change to have spent under restrictions. Yet, like others, I have found joy and taken comfort in experiencing the wildlife I am able to see and hear – flowers, insects, deer, trees, birds –  while following the government guidelines for the safety of all. These photos were taken locally to my home.



With more time to look through all my photos, I found lots of images of tree twigs, some from the depths of winter and others where spring has already sprung. I have collected and numbered photos to make a tree twig challenge for readers – though for the wonderful WT volunteers, this will be easy!  So, 26 of my own photos taken in Scotland are included in a slideshow pdf, ten tree types have two twig photos each and six types have one twig photo each. When I say ‘type’ I mean ‘oak’ or ‘elm’, but if you want to go to species level, be my guest! There’s also a pdf answer sheet to fill in, it gives the names of all 16 trees, to make it easier!


Click the coloured text below to download the files.  Grab a cuppa and try the tree twig challenge!



Trees in Winter and Spring

Trees answer sheet


Let me know how you get on and also about errors that you spot.


With best wishes.

Maggie McCallum

Glen Finglas Woodland Engagement Volunteer

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