May 04 2020

Things to do in your Garden



I know i have been in the garden a lot more these days getting caught up with all the things needing done to tidy and get the garden ready for Spring /Summer. Here are a few useful links to things you can do during this time to help your garden and wildlife. If you don’t have a garden you can still enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature on your daily exercise where you can and are able to or just teach yourself a new skill!



Record and ID the buzzing sounds in your garden – Irish Bumblebees


Bumblebee ID in Ireland


  • Record the feathery visitors past your window / feeders – Bird ID

Bird ID videos

Record and ID mammals to your patch – Hedgehog Recording







So if like me you cant get out to the woods, there is still lots to explore, learn and do for when we can.

Take care, stay safe and stay curious!

Rosie Irwin

Site Manager Northern Ireland

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