Apr 19 2020

‘We’re special’ a poem by Philip Dykes

We’re Special ………………

We got it right

Our design for flight

Linked to our special skill

Moving through the deepening night ready for the kill


We’ve got good eyes and sense of smell

But mostly do not need these

Tracking down the smallest midge

With efficiency and ease


So what’s the secret you may ask

They call it ultrasonics

Listening for our prey in flight

As sound waves bounce back from it


You’ve probably guessed I am a bat

A pipistrelle in fact

The very smallest of our type

Not much bigger than moth or gnat


We’ve been around for many years

Much longer than man or beast

But do remember when you build and grow

We need our homes and feast


We can live together side by side

Helping each other as we go

Because bats are special, we do our bit

We’re friends, we’re not your foe



Phil Dykes



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