Mar 31 2020

Volunteering from your own home, with Nature’s Calendar

We know how much volunteering means to you. Like many of us at the Woodland Trust, regular connection with nature is ever so important. Doing something practical (whatever your role is) to help our wildlife is incredibly rewarding too.


That’s why we are taking the opportunity to remind of one of our citizen science projects, Nature’s Calendar. The project will continue to run during the coronavirus pandemic and we would like to know what is happening with wildlife near you. Anyone can join and you can submit sightings of the natural events you’ve spotted from your home and garden.


Nature’s Calendar is a phenology project, so we’re looking for specific events that indicate the changing of the seasons. Right now nature is really busy, with flowers blooming, butterflies a flutter, birds nesting and the bright green leaves on trees beginning to unfurl. This makes it a perfect time to learn more about the project and have a look at the events you might be able to record.


Take a look at Nature’s Calendar website for more information. You can also read our recent blog, which gives you ideas of kind of events you might be able to spot from your home and garden.


Feel free to get in touch with the Nature’s Calendar team with any queries. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



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