Mar 27 2020

New Volunteer, New Site

The Young People’s Forest is an excellent project for conserving native tree species, including oak, cherry and silver birch trees. Volunteering for The Woodland Trust has taught me how important it is to plant native tree species at the Mead site, including the silver birch trees being vital for absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. By attending the events such as the tree planting days, it has been amazing to see the effort that is put in by families, children and people of all ages to come together as a community and have an enjoyable day out in the fresh air.

As I am a local volunteer to the Mead Site in Smalley, I am delighted that the Woodland Trust have introduced the Young People’s forest to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also to bring the local community, of all ages, together to share a passion in protecting our environment. The Mead site is located between Heanor and Smalley, and as I am from Heanor, it is significant to notice the change that Heanor has undertaken from the past to the present. In the early 1900’s, the Heanor area was known for being a coalfield, which made the area vulnerable. The coalfield led to increases in waste, water and air pollution, trapping unnecessary heat in the atmosphere through the impact of the carbon cycle and caused devastation to local wildlife and native trees. The Woodland Trust have played a major role in repositioning the focus of Heanor, Smalley and Shipley through counteracting the impacts of the mining site and as I am enthusiastic in restoring ecosystems and regulating the climate, I am proud to be part of it.

I knew I had to get involved in the Young People’s Forest as soon as I saw the announcement on Twitter that the Mead site was opening. I see volunteering as a
privilege and it gives me the opportunity to learn about conservation, physically take part in the project and meet new people who have the same interest as I do in looking after our environment. As I am currently a student hoping to work in the field of conservation, I hope that the future of the Young People’s Forest continues to unite young adults, families and the community as a whole to take part in a project that will benefit all future generations to live in a healthy, beautiful and green environment.


Elyse White – Volunteer, Young Peoples Forest, Mead

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