Mar 26 2020

Ausewell That Ends Well

Thanks to our members and supporters we have been able to buy our part of Ausewell Woods, joining once again with the National Trust, to manage the valuable woodland habitat and refuge for wildlife.


Ausewell is described as a lost world, a refuge for increasing rare and endangered wildlife. The appeal video found on the appeal page really demonstrates this – . and is well worth the watch.


£850K was raised through the appeal and other funding sources took us to the £1million needed. It was the best online response to date. A supportive foundation took on ownership for us whilst we raised the funds and the paperwork is now in progress so the sale should complete in the next few months. During the last year we haven’t been able to do any restoration work but it has been a great opportunity to undertake lots of survey work which will form a baseline to monitor how different species respond to our restoration work and climate change over the years to come.


Ausewell is the 3rd wooded valley the Woodland Trust now owns in Dartmoor. This gives us a great base on which to start building our as we look beyond our estate to work in partnership with others to create a bigger, better and more joined up where wildlife has the best opportunity to thrive.


A huge thanks goes to everyone involved in the appeal over the past months. Well done, we did it – let the next phase begin.



Photos Philip Formby / WTML

Jane Craven

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