Mar 23 2020


Home Farm’s Forest of Flowers

Last summer was the crowning glory for Alwyn’s Forest of Flowers project in Huby, North Yorkshire… a pair of peregrines moved onto his land because the wildlife had increased so much that they felt this would be a great place to have chicks!

Six or so years ago Alwyn came back to the family farm from his travels and education elsewhere to find wildlife in a poor state of health.  Huby is a small village in North Yorkshire surrounded by open countryside. Yet the effect of modern agricultural practice has been to reduce niches for wildlife either directly through landscape simplification or indirectly by chemical use.


Alwyn decided to do something radical and return his land to a wilder state. Advised by the Trusts Pete Leeson he undertook a Forest of Flowers approach to convert his land to a woodland rich in wildflowers. This involves a once off operation of deep ploughing followed by the scattering of wildflower seeds. The effect is visually amazing for humans but is also stunning for wildlife which returns in its droves. Flowers with their nectar really drive the natural cycle – and the soils so upset by constant ploughing are now increasing their humus and rebuilding soil carbon becoming ever more fertile and storing ever more carbon.


See our amazing film and listen for the buzz!


(Full length video with sound) or (Shorter video with subtitles)


Pete Leeson, Partnerships Manager, Estate & Woodland Outreach

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  • Bethany Picton

    The colours in the last photo are absolutely stunning!

    March 24, 2020 at 3:09 pm

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