Mar 23 2020

Successful Scheme Bears Fruit on Tebay Common

Large scale planting undertaken at Tebay Common, in Cumbria  in 2012 and 2013 is now beginning to bear fruit both for biodiversity and flood reduction.
The link to the film below shows the original work undertaken
Tebay Common was brought into an agri-environment scheme i.e a government backed farm scheme with environment benefits about 8 years ago – with Woodland Trust helping to bring the scheme about. This meant phased reductions in grazing sheep, increases in cattle grazing and the fencing and planting of 126 ha / 300 acres of land with 60,000 trees.
 We have been studying the site ever since and have now worked with the Lune Rivers Trust, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Natural England and Lancaster University – the project outputs being:
(i)            126 ha planted with 60,000 – an increase in wildflowers, insect numbers higher and more small birds
(ii)           Research on uplands and water management – papers on water flows and flooding being produced by Lancaster University
(iii)          Woody dams being located on the gills – to slow the flow of water
(iv)         Peatland restoration using various techniques including letter box dams
All in all – MORE wildlife, LESS flooding.
Pete Leeson, Partnerships Manager, Estate & Woodland Outreach
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