The incredible world of ancient trees

During times of self-isolation and social distancing, it is important that we all find ways to continue to connect with nature. Our Ancient Tree Inventory could provide the perfect way to learn more about the incredible world of ancient trees.


The Ancient Tree Inventory is a citizen science project where anyone can get involved in recording and adding trees to our website. So far we have over 170,000 records but there are still many gaps on the map!


See below for our top 5 ways to learn more and discover ancient trees without needing to leave your home!


1.)    Visit our ancient tree inventory website and create an account

2.)    Take a look at our What We Record And Why page

3.)    Visit our How To Record page to find out how to record a tree if you find one. Our Species Guides have tips for recording the top 10 most recorded species too!

4.)    Have a look at our Tree Search interactive map to see what trees have already been recorded in your area.

5.)  Visit our blog area to follow recent updates from the Ancient Tree Inventory and for monthly tree highlights!


We hope that you enjoy exploring our Ancient Tree Inventory.


If you have any questions about the project, please send these to


Keep safe and happy reading!



Citizen Science Officer – Ancient Tree Inventory 



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