Mar 16 2020

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter March 2020

A rather shorter Newsletter this month as we were decidedly thin on the ground for our working party on the 7th  – weddings, AGMs of other organisations, digital alarms being fitted, all taking their toll  – so only 5 workers but none the less very useful tasks achieved!

Three of Brian’s grafted apple trees have now been planted into the beehive area we cleared last month. These replace the dead trees which were here

Meanwhile there was some useful laurel pulling along the lower path .It is odd to find that while we try to rid the wood of this, the flats are now planting  laurel on their lawn!


David at the laurel pulling on the lower path                          The flats new laurel planting

Meanwhile Bev and Richard  started to gravel and tidy the Primrose Steps, where the primroses have just started to appear. There is quite a lot of cutting back at the edges still to be done and two steps need replacing in the near future. Elsewhere the primroses ae well advanced.


The Primorse Steps                       Primroses well advanced on Terrace 2

Down in the New Orchard Jenny had been clearing ivy ahead of the bird nesting season which is just about to begin. However this does not affect the thin covering of ivy found on most walls so this can continue in the bee hive area next month ahead of the repointing which will taken place later this year. It does seem that further money has been found for this and wall rebuilding by our contractors. We now have the prospect of Terrace 4, at present behind the locked gate, being open to the public next year.


Jenny’s wall clearance                                Priority for ivy removal  next time

Other news

  • The new large A5 membership leaflet box has now been installed at the entrance. It will be interesting to see if the numbers taken go up or down as a result of the doubling in size!

The new and the old

  • The new Information Boards are now in production. It amazes your Hon Sec as to why these take so long to be made. We were first told these were going to be produced back in June 2019 and all the relevant pictures were sent to HQ last August!
  • Chris has produced another Woodland Trust related book. This concerns Dolebury Warren Wood in N. Somerset – some of you may remember this was where Joe held a coppicing course in conjunction with the Dolebury Volunteers

Next Working Party   4th April 2020

Thank you Chris for sending in the newsletter

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