Mar 13 2020

New Moss Wood Project Enhancing Biodiversity


New Moss Wood project to enhance biodiversity and visitor experience

Work is underway at New Moss Wood near Salford to deliver approximately £100K of biodiversity and visitor improvements with funding from Enovert Landfill, Salford City Council and Carbon Landscape HLF. New Moss Wood is located on the edge of the Greater Manchester conurbation and acts as a stepping stone site for wildlife within the local mossland network .

The project is being delivered in partnership with Carbon Landscape, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Salford City Council and Natural England, and when finished will see a mosaic of new habitats including approximately 10-15 ponds, restoration of an area of lowland raised peat bog and wetland scrapes, and improving existing ditches and woodland habitat. The project aims to enhance the site for local wildlife (particularly mossland and wetland specialists) including creating suitable habitat for Water Vole and wetland woodland for Willow Tit.

Currently water is draining from the site through an intensive network of drains and ditches, resulting in dry habitats and so a plygene sheet and dams are being installed to retain water and re-wet the peat in one area of the site.


Aside from the biodiversity benefits, the site is also going to be enhanced to become a gateway to the Salford Mosslands and will have a range of improvements for visitors including resurfacing the car park, new information panels, a nature trail and natural play features.

For more information contact Neil Oxley, Site Manager

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