National Volunteer Panel – Northern Ireland

Meet the National Volunteer Panel member for Northern Ireland: 


Peter Lyons


I am based in Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.


In my position as a factory manager in the manufacturing industry I had to make sure that we complied with all the regulations regarding waste and recycling. I have been driving a fully electric car now since 2013, I’m on my 4th. My house is also fitted with Solar power.


My principal interest over the last 20 years is woodturning. I have acted as Secretary and Chairman for both the Irish and UK Guilds that time. I am still an active woodturner, making many sorts of items. I was awarded life membership to the Old Gaffers Association, a traditional boat organisation, for my efforts as their Membership Secretary, introducing online membership records. I am an enthusiastic gardener with my wife Alison and Membership Secretary of the local horticultural society. We participate in the competitions and meetings they organise.


I have always had an interest in trees, from the times when I used to climb them looking for conkers up to now when I use native trees for my woodturnings. The pressure on our natural landscape is high, trees need all the help I can give them.


I do many things in my volunteer role. I have been a Wood Warden, a Photographer, a Speaker, I help at events, I tree plant, I do coppicing work, I am a First Aider, I am an ATI verifier and a More Woods advisor. I try to help the local team with what ever they ask me to do. I have been nominated for Volunteer Awards on 7 occasions and was awarded Volunteer of the Year in 2014.


I decided to become a Panel member having been asked to, after letting my ideas be known.


If you would like to contact Peter you can email him here:

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