Feb 24 2020

Plant your own wood with a Woodland Trust tree pack


Are you keen to plant trees and hedges in your garden or on your land? Do you want to see wildlife flourishing from your window? If you do, you can get started with a Woodland Trust tree pack.


If you thought your garden was too small for trees, or if you don’t which trees to buy, The Woodland Trust’s shop has a wide selection of tree and hedge packs to plant everywhere from urban gardens to large tracts of land.


The smallest packs contain four saplings and cost £12.95. The Bee Friendly Garden Mix will create a haven for bees in your garden, with its goat willow, hazel, crab apple and rowan trees providing essential pollen and nesting for bees and other pollinators. You can create a beautiful garden with the Garden Mix (£12.95), which contains one each of a rowan, silver birch, field maple and wild cherry.



There are also packs for community planting. Subsidised by the Trust, each Urban tree pack (£41.15) contains 15 trees (5 each of three different species) selected to suit your region, and 15 spirals to protect the young trees from damage. A variant of this pack is also available in our Free Trees for schools and community groups. To find out more, visit our Free Trees page.


For those with the space and ambition to create larger woodlands, there are landowner tree packs containing either 105 or 420 trees. The packs are designed for a variety of purposes; the Wildlife pack, for instance, will provide food sources and a home for thousands of different species. It contains a selection of hazel, blackthorn, silver birch, hawthorn, rowan and English oak, all of which will create a living legacy for future generations.


There are lots of other packs to choose from too, so have a look at everything in the shop here and start planting and enjoying your very own wood!


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