Feb 24 2020

Footpath improvements at Nidd Gorge

Thanks to all of our Nidd Gorge practical volunteers who braved the weather last week to help undertake footpath improvements at the site. The group, led by Sam Walker from Harrogate Borough Council,  managed to dodge the worst of the weather. However it was muddy work!  The first task was to scrape the worst of the mud from the old drovers road from the river to the hill fort.  Once this was done some 2 tonnes of stone was barrowed up the hill to the steepest muddy section.  They also used some of the recently felled logs to help put in some drainage across the path.

The second task for the day was scraping off the mud off the second set of steps down to the river and topping up with the remaining stone onsite.  The heavens then opened and a decision was then made to call it a day a little earlier that normal!

Big thanks to everyone for your efforts, really appreciated


Claire Green – Volunteer Development Officer – North

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