Feb 13 2020

Did you know?  Coed Maesmelin Woods (Neath) is unique for being the only site in Wales to be home to rare Blue Ground Bettle.

Sadly, populations of the Blue Ground Beetle (pictured) have significantly dropped in the last decade as a result of the continual loss of ancient woodlands in the UK and Europe.


Carabus Intricatus
Image: U.Schmidt, 2008


However, recently the team at Coed Cadw were greeted with great news – that this extremely rare beetle had been discovered living on our ‘door-step’ in Coed Maesmelin.

Shortly after the discovery Chris Matts (Coed Maesmelin’s Site Manager) began working with Bug’s Life (The Invertebrate Conservation Trust) to create a ‘The Blue Ground Beetle Project’ which aims to pro-actively conserve the natural heritage of the Blue Ground Beetle and the long-term protection of its ancient woodland habitat.

We are keen to share this discovery with you so nature detectives (big and small!) please do come and discover the site and treading carefully help us spot and monitor these remarkable bottle blue beetles. Furthermore, thanks to the support of the Dyffryn Woodland Working Group there is now a beautifully decorated blue beetle inspired trail on site too.



Smiles all round on a surprisingly sunny day!

On reflection, the day was a huge success, not only were the way markers firmly in place but also the whole team had worked seamlessly together to complete a project we could all be proud off.

What do you think of our new way-markers?


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  • Nick Clark

    Cannot wait to finally get there and explore. Looks amazing and always good to see familiar friendly faces.

    July 31, 2020 at 2:14 pm

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