Feb 10 2020

Old Glories [from Broadleaf magazine, Summer 2019]

Ancient tree Smithills

[from Broadleaf magazine, Summer 2019]



Fat-bellied oaks, spidery yews and spooky hangman’s beeches. Britain’s store of special trees is second to none, and the Trust is out to save them.


by Kit Buchan 


In 2011, a healthy 900-year-old yew beside the church in the village of Ashford Carbonell, Shropshire, was felled to make way for a toilet block. Born out of the 2006 lottery-funded Ancient Tree Hunt, a volunteer project noting the locations of old trees, the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Inventory (ATI) will help to stem further loss of ancient trees. In the article below, from the summer 2019 edition of Broadleaf magazine, Kylie Harrison Mellor, who heads the ATI, explains why the ATI is so vital, and wildlife rangers, ATI verifiers, volunteers and researchers describe searching for and recording remarkable trees such as the Hainault Hornbeams and the Crom Yews.



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